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Geothermal system repair & installation

Heat pumps are used for space heating and cooling, as well as water heating. They operate on the fact that the earth beneath the surface remains at a constant temperature throughout the year, and that the ground acts as a heat source in winter and a heat sink in summer. They can be used in both residential and commercial or institutional buildings. Other heat pump types are available such as air and water source. These operate on the same principle indoors but the method of collecting heat is different for each type.




​Boiler repair & installation

Our boiler maintenance service is an area within our business in which we excel in.

We provide a maintenance service for broken down boilers and replace them with new ones. We offer our services to all parts of Ireland.





Bathroom renovation

We are specialists in converting bathrooms for those with reduced mobility. Our clients often find that they may have trouble using bathroom facilities and need a few adaptions to make this easier. As well as being difficult to use, your bathroom can also be unsafe should you suffer a fall. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and can help you to make your bathroom a much safer place to use. We work with clients and their families to help come up with a plan to help ensure that your bathroom is safe.

A range of options are available from a grab rail to a full wet floor shower system, depending on your needs. We can provide a free on-site survey service. To arrange this, simply call us today. 


Our services include:


  • Installing handrails in shower, bath and beside toilets.

  • Widening doorways to allow for wheelchairs

  • Installing bathrooms at ground level.

  • Installing a hoist for a bath.

  • Installation of shower seats.

  • Raising toilets up for ease of use.

  • Lowering sinks.

  • Installing easier to use taps.

  • Fibreglass all shower areas.

  • And much more.


Our aim is to ensure that your bathroom is as convenient and safe as possible. If you have any concerns, speak to us today. 

There are grants available for those who require bathroom conversions due to reduced mobility. 




Kitchen renovation

We provide a comprehensive list of kitchen appliance repairs, kitchen renovations and refurbishments, appliance connection and breakdown and general kitchen plumbing to residential, commerical and the retail sector.  Whether you want your washing machine or dishwasher connected, kitchen taps repaired or replaced to a new condensing boiler system, we provide all trades in one service for you.  Our emergency kitchen plumbing repair service operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.  






Hotel Style Pressurised Shower and Bath Systems.

We can pressurise your hot and cold water system to give you that pressurised shower or bath so you can get that refreshing hotel shower feeling at home.






Plumbing – Conversions

We carry out all types of plumbing conversions. Again, we offer a free, no obligation quote to our clients.





Solar Panel installation 

Solar panel refers either to a photovoltaics (PV) module, a solar hot water panel, or to a set of solar photovoltaicsmodules electrically connected and mounted on a supporting structure. Solar panels can save you up to 70% on hot water costs, while upgrading your heating can save you up to 50% on fuel costs.






Water piping repair & installation

  • PEX is cheaper than copper. Half-inch PEX tubing costs about a third the price of copper. Some of the savings will be offset by the need for a special tool to install the fittings, but if you’re doing a medium to large plumbing job, you’ll usually save by using PEX instead of copper.

  • PEX is faster to install than copper. If you use a manifold and “home-run” system (shown below), it’s like running a garden hose to each fixture—super fast and easy. But even if you install PEX in a conventional main line and branch system, the connections are quicker to make than soldering copper.

  • PEX won’t corrode like copper. If you live in an area with acidic water, copper can corrode over time. PEX is unaffected by acidic water and is therefore a better choice in these areas.



Leak Detection

Water leaks can be notoriously difficult to detect. Even if a leaking water pipe is noticed, the cost and disruption associated with locating the source can be considerable. Too often walls and floors are unnecessarily damaged and even then there is no guarantee that the leak will be found.  For a fraction of the cost incurred by using traditional destructive methods, our water leak detection service not only speeds up the identification of leaks but also reduces the inconvenience associated with the repair work. Once the leak has been located it will be possible for us to repair the leak or replace the piping as efficiently as possible – if required. We have the services of an experienced Plumber to hand.




New Buildings, Extensions and Renovations.

We offer comprehensive plumbing advice new build/renovation design service, working closely with our clients' architects, we can supply and fit quality fittings as part of a full turn-key solution. We are fully insured with over 20 years experience in plumbing, home renovation, refurbishment and new builds within the industry.





Whether you have a leaky tap or a broken cistern, we are here to carry out all repair work.




Commercial Plumbing.

If you are in need of a commercial plumbing service you want to be sure the plumbing company you employ can provide your business with experienced professional highly qualified reliable and fully insured in commercial and industrial plumbing. have over 15 years experience in the commercial and industrial sector and provide the highest quality workmanship to large and small businesses alike. We understand that if your business finds itself in need of an emergency commercial plumber during normal business hours, you need the problem resolved in the shortest time possible so as to minimise the disruption caused to your business.







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