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There are several variety of stoves.  Stoves are an effective way to heat your home as you don't have the heat loss of a open fire.

Stove types
Boiler - These have a back boiler and are linked to a circulatory pump which then heats the radiators.
Non-Boiler- This type does not heat the house just the room it is in.
Freestanding- Takes up room and can be used as a feature and for cooking
Insert- Thes are plush with the wall and can be either a feature or unintrusive in your room.
Looking for a heating solution? With the diverse range of stoves, inserts and ranges available, the initial choice of stove for your house is a very important decision. Kilowatts, boilers, radiators, make, model, fuel type/consumption, price etc. are all factors that need to be taken into consideration.  We cater for all tastes in stoves. 
We work with top suppliers worldwide to provide the best selection of stoves for customers. 
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